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At the Savannah Language and Culture Exchange, you can take Spanish classes, enroll your kids in Spanish classes, or both! You can embark on a new journey for your business by reaching new customers who prefer to do business in Spanish. (Over 15,000 people in the Savannah area do!) O puedes tomar clases de inglés!
Whether you've been recently inspired or promising yourself for ages that you would learn a new language or reach out to someone in another language, you've come to the right place to get started.
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About the Exchange

The Savannah Area Language & Culture Exchange, LLC is a business dedicated to the idea that we all benefit more from coming together across languages and cultures.
Whether it be students in the classroom, businesses and customers, or doctors and patients, when we seek to understand and be understood, either by learning a foreign language or through the use of professional interpreters and translators, we all grow as individuals and as a community.