Frequently Asked Questions about
our kids Spanish Classes:

When can my student join a class?
Our classes are run in 9-week sessions with a new curriculum beginning every 9 weeks. Your student can join at the beginning of any 9-week session.

The 9-week session has already started, can I still sign my child up?
We do allow students to join the class as late as week 3, but in an effort to keep out accounting costs to a minimum and therefore our prices as low as possible, we do not pro-rate our sessions. As with any missed class, your student can make up classes by attending a drop-in class free of charge or any other class for their age group at any location.

Where are classes held?
Our classes in Savannah are held at the Savannah Area Language & Culture Exhcange< 206 East 36 St., Ste. D, and in Richmond Hill We partner with ATA Martial Arts at11262 Ford Ave. If your child attends Savannah Christian Preparatory School, you can enroll in our classes there, which are a part of the after school program.

What will my child be learning?
Kids Spanish Exchange classes go well beyond learning words in Spanish. Our immersion style classes are designed to use learning activities to mimic real-world experiences so students can learn at different levels in the same classroom. For beginning students, this means vocabulary acquistion (applying new words to things) and memorizing basic conversation patterns (replying "good" or "bad" when asked "How are you?", for example.) While more advanced students will be asked to focus on and respond in ways that promote correct application of grammar.
These classes teach Spanish the way students learn their first language-by letting the brain acquire grammar rules unconsciously-, not by teaching grammar rules overtly and asking the students to apply them, as in traditional classrooms.

How long are classes?
Each class is 45 minutes long.

Hablamos español en casa y nuestro/a hijo/a entiende mucho pero habla poco o con dificultad. Son estas clases apropiadas para nuestro/a estudiante?
¡Sí! Porque limitamos las clases a tan sólo 8 estudiantes para permitirnos individualizar cada intercambio y porque se llevan a cabo completamente en español, estas clases son una gran oportunidad para perfeccionar la gramática y ampliar el vocabulario. Aún más importante, les animan a hablar por demostrarle que el español es tan importante en nuestra comunidad que hay muchos niños que lo hablan y muchos más que quieren lo que ellos ya tienen: el bilingüismo.  Además, crean una comunidad para desarrollar amistades con otros niños que hablan o están aprendiendo español. Estudios sociolingüisticos revelan que el factor que con más frecuencia indica cuales niños mantendrán el uso de su lengua materna y cuales no lo mantendrán es una comunidad propia de compañeros que también la usan. 

We speak Spanish at home, but are struggling to engourage our child to speak. Are these classes appropriate for our student?
YES! Because classes are limited to small groups of 8 that allow for individualized attention and are immersion style, they are a great opportunity to expand vocabulary and perfect grammar, but more importantly, to show students that Spanish is important and sought after in our community. Not only that, they have the opportunity to make friends who are learning or who speak Spanish, and studies show that the defining factor between children who continue to use their heritage language and those who don't, is whether or not they have peers who also use it. 

How much does a session cost and what does that price include?
A full 9-week session costs $195 and includes all materials,  access to the online learning portal (excluding Mommy/Daddy and me classes), and a weekly list of at-home activities to support learning outside the classroom.

I already know that my student is going to miss 3 classes. Will you pro-rate the session?
No. Unfortunately, what we do for one, we must be prepared to do for all and we want to put our time into creating the very best classes for your students. This means we must take steps to limit the time we spend on other tasks like billing.

Can we make up missed classes?
Of course! We offer a very busy and ever expanding schedule for you to make up missed classes by attending a drop-in class free of charge or any other class for your student's age group at any location.​

Is there a registration fee?
No. To reserve you student's seat, you will need to pay a $65 non-refundable deposit that will be credited towards the full cost of the session, but there is no additional fee.

Can we try a class before we register?
Please come to one of our drop-in classes to experience the fun and immersive learning style for yourself! Check our Facebook page first for the most up-to-date schedule.

Can I break my cost up into payments?
Yes! Please see our registration page for more information on monthly memberships!

​How do I register?
Click HERE